Our Excavation Services Make the Grade

Find land preparation services in Hendersonville, NC

Do you own a plot of land with a lot of potential? Can you imagine a small house, stables or a garden right in the middle of it? If the only things in your way are the trees and brush, Ducker Land Management Company in Hendersonville, NC can take care of it for you. We offer excavation and grading services to help you prepare your land for the construction project you have planned.

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Prepare your future project

Whether you plan to build an apartment complex, a soccer field or a guest house for the in-laws, we offer the services you need to get the job done. These include:

  • Land clearing
  • Storm water installations
  • Foundations
  • Grading for development
  • Septic tank installations
  • Commercial and residential land development
  • Ditching
  • Road building
  • Grading for arenas and livestock
  • Sand hauling for arenas
  • Hole digging
  • Lake building
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