Create Natural Landscaping With a Boulder Wall

Create Natural Landscaping With a Boulder Wall

Invest in a natural boulder wall in Hendersonville, NC

A boulder wall, also called a pebble wall or ground wall, is a landscaping feature that is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Larger rocks, or boulders, are stacked to form a wall. Your boulder wall can divide your property or separate your property from a neighbor’s. Boulder walls look natural, and the material is great for short walls. Get yours from Ducker Land Management Company today.

The steps for installing a boulder wall are as follows:

  • Determine the final height of the wall
  • Dig out the base for the wall
  • Put down landscaping fabric over the dirt
  • Begin laying your rocks with the largest stone first
  • Work upgrade with varying sizes of stones to build your wall
  • Add mortar for security

Follow these steps or watch while your local professional creates your ground wall. Call 828-329-6359 today to schedule a boulder wall installation in Hendersonville, NC.

Your boulder wall will look beautiful for years to come

Installing your boulder wall correctly is the key to a long-lasting landscaping feature. Following the steps in order and thoroughly will ensure your wall lasts a long time. If you're unsure about any of the steps, it's best to let a professional handle your boulder wall, or ground wall, installation.

Reach out to us today to create a boulder wall at your home in Hendersonville, NC.